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Adjusting to the New Normal has been a roller coaster ride for all of us. The immediate adoption of a new accessory, the Face Mask, has become as much a part of our body as we breathe safe oxygen. We, humans, look at ways to keep everything in our lives interesting, especially what we wear because fashion is in our souls.

With Breathe Oxi, we have brought these two dynamics of our ‘New Normal’ lives- sustainable, pure and safe breathing and fashion together, to create designer face protection that caters to everyone.

However in this period, there are many who offer face masks. Overwhelming demand has made masks hard to procure and hard to trust.

Here, we ensure quality to allow you to wear our masks with faith and full peace of mind. Breatheoxi is created by the same company that pioneered indigenously N95 masks in North India in early April 2020, and was quickly certified by DRDO, SITRA & NIOSH with filtration efficiencies over 99%, much above the BFE filtration requirement of 95%. At Breatheoxi,

  • We offer products in many different Categories
  • We have Unisex products as well as exclusive products for Men, Women & Kids
  • Face protection products ranging between Rs. 99 to 1299/-
  • We are one of the only DRDO approved brands in North India for N95 protection face masks which offer filtration efficiency of over 99%
  • BreatheOxi masks have a minimum of 3 layers and upto 5 layers ensuring an optimum mix of protection from dust, pollution, bacteria & viruses  & breathability.

From the Founder’s Desk-

“We understand that one has to wear masks for extended periods and it’s extremely harmful to our lung health to breathe in stale air for long hours. With BreatheOxi, we wanted to create a gamut of face protection gears which offer the wearer full protection from viruses and bacterias while also allowing them to breathe fresh Oxygen without any difficulty and offer them comfort while wearing it.”

– Ritesh Nair, Co-founder of BreatheOxi

“We have very carefully finalized after extensive research & development, that non-woven & melt-blown fibre will work as the best combinations for an N95 mask, and will further offer the wearer not only maximum protection but maximum comfort as well.”

 Sarwan Sharma, Co-founder of BreatheOxi

“BreatheOxi protective masks will allow users to breathe fresh air and manage the problem of pollution. As per the World Health Organization, 9 out of 10 people are affected by air pollution. Indian metros are amongst the worst affected cities in the world. To protect your lungs & bloodstream from harmful micro particles, it’s best to wear protective face masks while stepping out. Since major air pollutants in the cities are PM 2.5 to PM 10 microns, our masks filter all these out.”

– Kushal Sharma, Co-founder, BreatheOxi

“Our product development & engineering for our fashion masks incorporates testing parameters advocated by DRDO, SITRA etc. We have also received NIOSH certification for our N95 masks.”

– Dinesh Sharma, Co-founder, BreatheOxi

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