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Everyone, from the country’s Prime Minister to the celebrities to normal working class folk can nowadays be seen wearing a mask. For the foreseeable future, everyone will be either advised or ordered to wear masks whenever heading out to get groceries or to an event where social distancing won’t be possible, all thanks to a bat and the coronavirus spread by it. So, being a necessity which cannot be avoided, people have started incorporating these high-quality pieces of either cloth or multi-layered highly protective materials into their outfits.

People are now finding that hiding their faces with the masks doesn’t need to mean hiding their personalities too, as by choosing to wear a mask of their own choice and design which represents what they feel, they can showcase their personalities even more vibrantly and that too without having to verbalize it.

BreatheOxi has been a key player in this segment by providing the customers with high-end protective masks with benefits on par with 3-Ply masks and N-95 masks with their BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) of 95% and above, enabling the wearer to protect themselves from the spread of the virus, bacteria and germs around them while also looking fashionably sound while wearing them. The masks provided by BreatheOxi are available in different ranges, from masks available for kids, men and women so that nobody feels like they aren’t wearing what is not meant for them, hence making them feel comfortable while wearing them and also wanting to wear them.

Apart from being comfortable and protective, these masks provided by BreatheOxi are also aesthetically appealing to the people around, helping you make a fashion statement with just an accessory on your face suiting to your needs and requirements as per your outfit and vibe of the day.

Going forward, people have started accepting the fact that masks are here to stay for some time now that things are beginning to open up again as Unlock 1.0 has begun. But, that does not have to mean that being fashionable has to be put aside. It is the exact opposite as the huge varieties of fashionable masks being offered by BreatheOxi provide the wearer with so many options to mix and match with their outfits, which is a fun fashion move, and now people will have to consider which mask to wear while planning their outfits.

Like every piece of cloth that we wear adds chic and elegance to our personality, BreatheOxi face masks will enhance your persona and portray you as a quirky and vibrant human being. Creating a fashion statement will become a piece of cake with BreatheOxi wide range of masks for Kids, Men and Women.

Breathe in Style – Masks are the new Fashion Statement

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