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The coronavirus pandemic has led the world to the New Normal, where people are living a fearful life- living and working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic spread across the world. Many countries have declared their state to be Coronavirus-free in no time and are now promoting the lives of their people in a healthy and safe environment. People today believe that only a vaccine can solve this enormous problem at hand, but these countries with their focus approach found the root cause of the spread of the virus and uprooted it from the system by taking measures and yes, without the vaccine.

Several studies suggest that social distancing and wearing face protective gears can contain the spread of the virus, and practicing it can slow down the viral spread as people are making conscious decisions about not their own lives, but also others. Wearing face masks has become mandatory in many parts of the world as it helps to create a border between people who are infected and uninfected. Let’s assume Person A may have come in contact with Person B who has COVID-19 but has no visible symptoms. In this scenario there are 2 outcomes:

  • Person A and Person B both are wearing masks, and thus the viral particles did not get transmitted from Person B to Person A and so no spread of the disease, but in the situation, where
  • Person A and Person B both are not wearing face masks, the virus could easily spread from Person B to A and infect him with the disease.

We can also assume the 3rd situation where any one of them was not wearing a mask, and the disease did not transmit. But, we live in such a big world where it gets a little difficult as we are incapable of telling who is suffering from the disease and who’s not until tested or they are visibly going through the Coronavirus symptoms.

Just like the saying goes that you can’t clap with one hand, Coronavirus disease can’t spread without the host and uninfected person. What we are trying to establish here is that wearing masks is not just imperative for the person who is unaffected, but also for who is (and is asymptomatic) as they can put the end to the spread of the virus at that very moment.

Further, a face protective gear (face mask) will shield others from you on the off chance that you happen to be infected with the disease, with or without any visible symptoms. Additionally, face covers can keep you from contacting your face, and can be a visual reminder to practice social distancing.

So, should you wear a face mask when you step out of your home? Yes, at all times people should wear a face mask, not just for your own protection but for others, and also to get our normal lives back.

BreatheOxi has ventured in curating face protective masks that not offers safety but also enhances the wearers’ look and style. Offering a range of well-crafted designs and textures, BreatheOxi masks are just the perfect accessory that is a must for the new normal. So, stay protected in style to look well feel well and be well.

How does a face protective gear (face mask) help?

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