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The trends across the world are changing with the emergence of COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus. From spending hours sitting in a mall to going on a trip with friends, everything has come to a halt with the global lockdown- that has become the New Normal. At this point in the pandemic, it has become very coherent that an infected person can spread the virus before he/she even starts to show any symptoms. For that reason, the World Health Organization, medical institutions and governmental bodies across the world have pressed on compulsory wearing face masks when one steps out of their home.

There are many states in India who have made wearing face masks mandatory in public. With the catastrophic spread of the disease in the last 6 months, many businesses have popped up across the world to offer various qualities of face masks, but how does one choose the right face mask for himself/herself? While masks are designed to offer protection to the wearer, the key utility is to reduce the likelihood of unknowingly passing Coronavirus on to others. Thus, it is important that one must choose the right fabric and fit:

  • Must be Layered-up: Always select a face protective gear that has more than just 1 layer. Coronavirus bodies are very small particles and can very easily pass through surfaces. So, if there are more layers, it means that there is less chance that the viral particles will pass through it. A layered-up mask is one of the most effective ways to not allow the virus to reach to you especially when you are out in public apart from social distancing.
  • Consider the Fabric: While selecting the right face mask for yourself, this is one factor that you mustn’t miss on. There are various kinds of fabric that are available for face masks in the market, but one must choose a fabric that filters out more virus particles than others. Thicker and denser fabric will do a better job over a loosely woven or thinner fabric.
  • Ensure a Good Fit: The COVID-19 viral particles can enter into an individual’s body through eyes, nose and mouth, so he/she must wear a mask that fully covers his/her nose and mouth and extends an inch or more beyond the ends of their mouth. A good face mask is designed to cover the wearers’ nose and mouth, and protects them and people nearby them from any kind of transmission.
  • Washable: There are several use and throw facemasks available in the market; these masks are not just adding to the ever growing garbage problem but are also not cost-effective. Investing in a good quality washable face mask can benefit the user in the long run as people will wear the masks long after the disease ceases to exist.
  • Fashion Statement: Though there are many reasons for wearing a face mask, this one has got people excited more than ever. New normal is all about people sitting at home, doing everything from home, but wearing a stylish, fashionable mask that matches one’s style when stepping out of the home makes people more enthusiastic about the life in these hard times.

BreatheOxi has curated face protective gears that suit the style of the wearer and also shields him/her from the transmission of COVID-19 disease. The masks are washable and are equally effective as N-95 mask. So, if you are looking to buy the perfect face mask for you, you can visit our website and select from a range of face covers especially curated for men, women and kids.

How to choose a facemask?

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