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While coronavirus has brought about major disruptions in almost every aspect of our lives, one of the major changes it has brought is the increased use of masks. And now everyone, from a child to an aged person, all can be seen wearing a mask in public, whether it is a creatively made DIY mask, or a 3-4 layered surgical mask. Given the new reality, masks have become a necessity rather than an optional accessory, and with this necessity, it’s likely that masks will start to become a fashion statement. This is where BreatheOxi steps in.

BreatheOxi is a brand providing its customers with fashionable masks in different range to choose from for men, women and kids, so that you feel like it’s made just for you. In addition to making a fashion statement while wearing BreatheOxi Masks out in public, when it comes to protection, many health experts consider the N95 and three ply masks to be the best in order to protect you from the risk of getting COVID-19, which the person gets through Breathe Oxi while being the fashionista amongst his/her peers. Designed to offer protection from and reduce the spread of virus, bacteria and germs, masks across all the categories of BreatheOxi provide all the benefits of 3-Ply Masks. When it comes to N95 masks which are usually considered masks of higher grade due to their BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) of 95% and above, BreatheOxi, through its technological advancements has been able to provide the exact same benefits of an N95 mask in its capability of protecting the wearer from all kinds of virus, bacteria and germs.

As Unlock 1.0 comes into effect, more and more people will step out of their homes, and during these times people need to be cautious as to whom they come into contact with and it is essential for everyone to protect themselves from the threat of COVID-19 by wearing masks. And while doing so has its benefits, it has given people an opportunity to make a statement with the mask they wear and Breathe Oxi helps them do just that by providing fashionable masks which are aesthetically pleasing to see while also being protective against COVID-19. BreatheOxi, through its advanced technology, has been able to create such masks which people want to wear, while also offering the exact same benefits as an N95 mask.

Why should you choose BreatheOxi over an N-95 or Three-Ply Mask?

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